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Ranch Golf Club Wedding | Met & Pat

Posted on: Tuesday, July 15, 2014

These two are quite impressive. Pat is the nicest man alive, and also a fireman. His wife, Meg, is the treasurer in the town they both grew up in, and is equally as sweet. I photographed their wedding in early June in western Massachusetts. The day began with Meg and Pat getting ready in the houses they grew up in, and ended on the dance floor at the Ranch Golf Club. Photographing lovely people like them is such a joy. Congratulations to this lovely couple, Meg & Pat!
And thank you to Kelly Burgess for second shooting with me! xo

Charles River Greenway Engagement | Drew + Alex

Posted on: Monday, July 14, 2014

Drew and Alex are both actors (so cool, right?!) and an awesome couple. We met up in the spring for their engagement session. Drew (in the cute red dress) wrote the following about the proposal:
"Alex and I love to go apple picking. Every year we try to make a stop at Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stowe MA. Last year over Columbus Day weekend we went with a few friends. It was a really busy weekend afternoon and there were children everywhere, so I demanded to the group that we walk all the way up the hill so we would have privacy to pick our apples. A few minutes into picking, our friend Sara suggests I climb up a ladder into a tree, pick an apple and pose for a picture. I rush to the top of the ladder, pick an apple and pose. I notice Alex is on the ground at the foot of the ladder, I look down and he's on one knee. When he proposes my immediate response was "is this really happening? Is this for real? Like for REAL for real?" He assured me that it was. I raced down to join Alex on his knees in the dirt. Everyone is crying and taking pictures. 10 minutes later I realize, I'm STILL holding the apple that I picked from the tree the moment he proposed. Because of all of the adrenaline, I had it in a death grip in my hand. It was delicious!"

Navy Yard + Charlestown MA Engagement | Heidi + Mark

Posted on: Thursday, June 19, 2014

Heidi and Mark! They are SO nice, and really fun to hang out with. Doesn't she have the prettiest hair? Here is their engagement story, written by Mark: 
On a beautiful secluded spot on Eagle Beach in Aruba, just as the sun was about to go down, I felt my heart race with anticipation. I knew this was the perfect time and perfect place to propose to the perfect person. As Heidi was admiring the sunset, I held her hand with my left and tried for the ring box lodged in my side pocket with my right. She must not have noticed my slight fumbling because when she looked back at me I was successfully down on one knee with the box open. It was then Heidi displayed more different emotions in two seconds possibly than anyone ever before or since. There were looks of confusion, shock, surprise, joy, relief, happiness, and exhilaration. While on my knee, I tried to express how lucky I am, how much I love her, and asked if she would marry me. I think she said yes between her happy-tears and hyperventilating, but she was nodding vigorously as well so I took that as a good sign. The ring looked perfect on her finger and shimmered in the waning light. She gave me a big hug & kiss and we celebrated with an incredible dinner at a restaurant not far from that spot. I am happy knowing we will forever have many more nights just like that perfect engagement night.

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